Please remember that we do not have control of when our females come into heat... these time frames are estimated and may change a little! All lists are filled in order of deposit dates. RG reserves the first pick male or female from each litter. Sometimes we have small litters born with not enough puppies for the families on that list... In these cases, those families are moved to the next litter and placed according to deposit dates. 

Future Litters Reservation List:

(mini F1B's, double doodles, and multigens)

  1. Dana Pallante 
  2. Georgena Pogni 
  3. Aliya Mody 
  4. Natalie Denning & Matthew Gerhardt
  5. Caily Percy 





  1. Hugo Pineda (mini/med double doodle) 
  2. Justyce Satterlee (mini double doodle) 
  3. Yesenia Rosada (double doodle tuxedo)
  4. Deidra Geraghty (mini F1B)
  5. Amanda Burgess (double doodle under 30)
  6. Stephanie Kim (F1B or double doodle)
  7. Joshua Rinehammer (medium double doodle)
  8. Beatrice Chaidez (tuxedo double doodle)
  9. Beth Duggan (mini blonde)
  10. Tricia & Yogi Berbiglia (mini/med double doodle) 
  11. Hannah Fitzgerald (mini double doodle) 
  12. Sharon Lao (double doodle caramel or golden shaggy)
  13. Jessica Glancy (double doodle under 25)
  14. Rudy Fuertes (mini/med double doodle) 
  15. Noreen & Moin Hussaini (mini/med red F1B or double doodle)
  16. Ashley & Mike Flemming (25-30 multigen or double doodle)
  17. Chau Nguyen 
  18. Katherine Taormino (mini F1B)
  19. Anastasia Alessandra (mini)
  20. Brianna Gomez (mini/med F1B)
  21. Yang Hu (mini double)
  22. Shannon Dawson (double doodle tuxedo)
  23. Christopher Lee (med F1B)
  24. Heather Kang (mini F1B or double doodle) 
  25. Patty Bauer (mini female) PENNY
  26. Veronica Howard-Wright (mini F1B) 
  27. Jodi Vuong (mini/med double doodle or F1B)
  28. Harjit Mann
  29. Trent & Christine Lindsley 
  30. Nick & Ali Weber 
  31. Fernando Barahona
  32. Alexica Bosque
  33. Nina Pham
  34. Jovana Sanchez
  35. Ashley Shepherd


  1. Jason Soll & Jennifer Plumlee (Willow's next litter) 
  2. Madeline Shaplana (male Oct/Nov take home) 
  3. Ally & Sean Green (multi, double or F1B- Nov/Dec take home)
  4. Roxanna Oshana (F1B mini) 
  5. Paola & Scott Bailey 
  6. Elaina Lima (double doodle) 
  7. Sylvana Araujo (double doodle) 
  8. Sylvia Nho (mini-open)  
  9. Melissa Asvakovith & Rhobin Factoran (double doodle)
  10. Ayana Jamal (mini multi or double) 
  11. Erica Elias (TWO PUPS-siblilngs-Willow)
  12. Sheela Gavvala & Devang Shah (med double) 
  13. Isabelle Cubing (mini F1B) 
  14. Tom Gourham (F1B or double doode)  
  15. Mollie Collins-Patrich & Matt Patrich (mini F1B) 
  16. Tharcy Antunes (mini F1B)
  17. Jessica Ellis (mini double doodle/Baxter) 
  18. Vanessa Kwan (mini F1B or double/Baxter)