Please remember that we do not have control of when our females come into heat... these time frames are estimated and may change a little! All lists are filled in order of deposit dates. RG reserves the first pick male or female from each litter. Sometimes we have small litters born with not enough puppies for the families on that list... In these cases, those families are moved to the next litter and placed according to deposit dates. 

Future Litters Reservation List:

(mini F1B's, double doodles, and multigens)

  1. Dana Pallante 
  2. Sharon and Ken Wang (waiting for spring 2020)
  3. Georgena Pogni 
  4. Aliya Mody 
  5. Kim Ingram (Kali/Baxter) 
  6. Lindsay Gabbard (mini F1B or multi)
  7. Natalie Denning & Matthew Gerhardt



  1. Daniela Adler (waiting for feb/march take home)
  2. Caily Percy (waiting for future tbd) 
  3. Annie Sheehan (waiting for may -mini double doodle)
  4. Khao Nguyen (mini/med double)
  5. Jack Kramer (fall 2020 mini double or multi)
  6. Tirza Banuelos & Zach Grey (spring 2020 mini)
  7. Brandi Entrekin (Kali/Baxter)
  8. Daniel Knox (mini double) 
  9. Mark Shi (summer 2020- med F1B or double)
  10. Bryn & Brendan Baker (end of 2020-mini double) 
  11. Shauna Maher (spring mini double) 
  12. Jason Soll & Jennifer Plumlee (spring mini F1B or double) 
  13. David Hasbun & Paola Abello (Molly/Drake) 
  14. Carrie Mahlum (mini double doodle)
  15. Denise Venegas (Molly/Drake)
  16. Cara McEachern & Maxwell Hershfield (med doubdle)
  17. Alex Freeman & Chase Hallerberg (med F1B)
  18. Sherri Shahasavarani & Ali Ghoreishi (mini double)
  19. Elaine & Hiep Nguyen (mini or med)
  20. Robin & Diego Norris (mini F1B)
  21. Sharon Boston (june/july 2020 mini double) 
  22. Darcey Shultz (spring 2020 double) 
  23. Jordan & Kathy Speer (mini F1 or F1B) 
  24. Megan McConnell (june pickup- Huda)
  25. Karen Fung (mini/med double)
  26. Larry Bazinett & Teresa Loftus (mini F1B -june)
  27. Julia Margulis (mini/med)
  28. Hillary Detert (mini double)
  29. Sheeran Idnani (mini multigen or double)
  30. Nicole & John Sedleniek
  31. Nicklesh Madoori (F1) 
  32. Preetha Basaviah (mini/med F1B)
  33. Haley & Alex Piazza (med F1B)
  34. Chris Nelson (mini)
  35. Vance Ryan 
  36. Eric & Kim Schilling (mini/med F1B)
  37. Wolf & Sharon Schilling (mini/med F1B)
  38. Madeline Shapland (med F1)
  39. James Miller (Molly/Drake)  
  40. David Eastman (mini/med double or F1B)