Please remember that we do not have control of when our females come into heat... these time frames are estimated and may change a little! All lists are filled in order of deposit dates. RG reserves the first pick male or female from each litter. Sometimes we have small litters born with not enough puppies for the families on that list... In these cases, those families are moved to the next litter and placed according to deposit dates. 

Future Litters Reservation List:

(mini F1B's, double doodles, and multigens)

  1. Dana Pallante 
  2. Georgena Pogni 
  3. Aliya Mody 
  4. Natalie Denning & Matthew Gerhardt
  5. Caily Percy 



  1. Annie Sheehan (double doodle) 
  2. Daniel Knox (mini double) 
  3. Bryn & Brendan Baker (end of 2020-mini double)  
  4. Jason Soll & Jennifer Plumlee (spring mini F1B or double) 
  5. Cara McEachern & Maxwell Hershfield (med doubdle)
  6. Sherri Shahasavarani & Ali Ghoreishi (Harley litter) 
  7. Jordan & Kathy Speer (Bonita/Boston) 
  8. Madeline Shaplana (male)
  9. Nicklesh Madoori (Tamsen/Henry) 
  10. Chris Nelson (male mini) 
  11. Eric & Kim Schilling (Bonita/Boston)
  12. Wolf & Sharon Schilling (Bonita/Boston)    
  13. Lauren Oh (double doodle- Hope/Knox or Willow)
  14. Ally & Sean Green (multi, double or F1B)
  15. Carolyn Ma (Bonita/Boston)
  16. David Pichichero & Jackie Roseude (F1B or multi) 
  17. Becky Bowling (mini) 
  18. Lottie Bloxsom (mini) 
  19. Amanda Rogers & Mandy Pollitzer (open)
  20. Sasha Lanz (mini) 
  21. Mei Chen (double doodle)
  22. Brittany Scharr (double doodle/Baxter)
  23. Andrew & Regina Hermansen (double doodle)
  24. Roxanna Oshana (F1B mini) 
  25. Paola & Scott Bailey (Lola/Baxter) 
  26. Elaina Lima (double doodle) 
  27. Sylvana Araujo (double doodle) 
  28. Sylvia Nho (mini-open) 
  29. Christine & David Yoo (mini double) 
  30. Melissa Asvakovith & Rhobin Factoran (double doodle)
  31. Stacey & Wes Morse (mini F1B)
  32. Ayana Jamal (mini multi or double) 
  33. Erica Elias (mini F1B)
  34. Sheela Gavvala & Devang Shah (med double) 
  35. Isabelle Cubing (mini F1B) 
  36. Tom Gourham (F1B or double doode) 
  37. Jess Hofman (mini multi) 
  38. Mollie Collins-Patrich & Matt Patrich (mini F1B) 
  39. Tharcy Antunes (mini F1B)
  40. Jessica Ellis (mini double doodle/Baxter)
  41. Amar & Andrea Husic (double doodle)
  42. Tom Phan & Jessica Choi (mini double or multi) 
  43. William & Cassandra Kester (med double or multi) 
  44. Vanessa Kwan (mini F1B or double/Baxter)



  1. Bryn & Brendan Baker (mini double doodle)  
  2. Hugo Pineda (mini/med double doodle) 
  3. Harijt Dosanjh (mini F1B)
  4. Justyce Satterlee (mini double doodle) 
  5. Raquel Pires (mini F1B)
  6. Yesenia Rosada (double doodle tuxedo)