Please remember that we do not have control of when our females come into heat... these time frames are estimated and may change a little! All lists are filled in order of deposit dates. RG reserves the first pick male or female from each litter. Sometimes we have small litters born with not enough puppies for the families on that list... In these cases, those families are moved to the next litter and placed according to deposit dates. 

Future Litters Reservation List:

(mini F1B's, double doodles, and multigens)

  1. Aliya Mody 
  2. Natalie Denning & Matthew Gerhardt 
  3. Madeline Shaplana
  4. Sharon Sagiv
  5. Mandeep Cheema
  6. Jaunty Rachel Navi
  7. Suresh Padmanabhan
  8. Sukh Sagoo


2021/2022 WAITLIST: 


  1. Harjit Mann (chocolate female)         
  2. Davita Edmundson (NR)      
  3. Jimin Lee & Alex Jang (waiting for fall)
  4. Paulina Lim (waiting for fall)     
  5. Rashmi Narang (NR) 
  6. Martha De Leon (Cincy female)
  7. Peter & Amanda Chan (NR) 
  8. Michael Henneman & Ally Hawkins (NR)
  9. Megan Myer (NR) 
  10. Roxanne Oshana (early 2023) 
  11. Alexander & Christina Oceguera (Cincy/Drake male)  
  12. Sebastian Abello (early 2023 take home) 
  13. Lindsey Murphy (early 2023 take home) 
  14. Carol Hermes (Londyn/Batxer mini female) 
  15. Darwin Hobbs (waiting TBD)   
  16. Jamee Vasquez (winter or spring take home) 
  17. Paula Alzate (Charlotte/Reggie?)
  18. Debbie Gronna (Luna/Tobi female)  
  19. Patsy Oswald (Londyn/Baxter female)
  20. Bessie Hernandez (Londyn/Baxter female) 
  21. Debbie Gordon (Charlotte/Reggie female) 
  22. Eliza Johnson (winter or spring take home) 
  23. Michelle Jang (Charlotte/Reggie female) 
  24. Joshua Cruz (Londyn/Baxter male) 
  25. Destinee Clemes (Charlotte/Reggie female)
  26. April Choi (Luna/Tobi male) 
  27. Nik Saegnavarat (Cincy/Drake male) 
  28. Rachelle Woodall (Cincy or Londyn) 
  29. Hanna Ball (mini double doodle early 2023) 
  30. Benny Quan (Charlotte/Reggie male) 
  31. Oliver Ramos (Harley/Knox male) 
  32. Ashley Johnson (Harley/Knox)